Monday, 7 December 2015

It's Behind You....

Day 8 (Tuesday 8th December 2015)
The Eight Immortals of Chinese Mythology are:
Li TieGuai 李鐵拐 , Zhongli Quan 鐘離權, Lan CaiHe 藍采和 , Zhang GuoLao 張果老 ,
He XianGu 何仙姑 , Lu DongBin 呂洞賓 , Han XiangZi 韓湘子 , Cao GuoJiu 曹國舅
They are viewed as signs of prosperity and longevity. Each immortal has a tool
through which his/her powers can be used to bestow life or destroy evil.

Today we have a wonderful, poetic piece written by Amanda Arrowsmith. I first met Amanda via Twitter, her handle is @Pontecarloblue, and then we met IRL (in real life) at a tweet-up. Amanda is great company and an inspirational and knowledgeable HR generalist, with a flair for enabling change, supporting significant M&A activities and enabling outsourcing. Although a London lass, she is currently working as part of the HR Bid team for Caledonian MacBrayne ferries, based in Glasgow, Scotland. Amanda's poem is powerful and can be interpreted on many levels, as a result I have provided only simple illustrations at the start and end.


‘Comets are lumps of frozen water ice, gas and dust. As a comet approaches the Sun, it starts to heat up. The ice transforms directly from a solid to a vapor, releasing the dust particles embedded inside. Sunlight and the stream of charged particles flowing from the Sun – the solar wind – sweeps the evaporated material and dust back in a long tail. The comet's ingredients determine the types and number of tails.’

Definition of ‘Why do comets have tails?” from

My comet tale…..

As I got closer to you,
I felt myself thaw, felt
the sunlight from you warm
my bones

Parts of me that were
held, frozen in time and space,
started to release
To open
To thaw

And so with simple heat
from your virtual smiles I,
with a joy unfelt for some time,
was able to leave a tail of

Now, when I feel the
cold coming
I know that there is light
I can release the dust and
it can be beautiful

Look, you can see behind me
the mix of my past and
the energy of your joy.
This is my present – my future

Comet Lovejoy

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