Thursday, 15 December 2016

A voice from the hollow, looking up with hope

Day 16 (Friday 16th December 2016)

16 years - the length of time it took to construct the 
Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, opened on 1st June 2016
It is the world's longest and deepest railway tunnel
(35.4 miles in length and 7,545 feet below the surface). It has 
cut an hour off the journey time from Zurich to Milan.

Have you noticed that there are some themes amongst the blogs in this year's series? There is no doubt that 2016 has been a very challenging year for a number of us. The below piece by Phil Marsland is a very honest reflection. Yes there have been heights, but the pain of the hollows is almost palpable. However, his post is not bleak... 

Phil himself is warm and engaging. He is based in York in the north of England and he is a loving partner and father as well as caring for the people around him. He is an active member of the HR social media community and founded ConnectingHRYork in 2015. You can follow him on Twitter (his handle is @FulfordPhil). He is knowledgable and inspires confidence, but at the same time he is very pragmatic and comes across as humble and human - you can get a feel for this in his blog - FulfordPhil - 'don't call me HR, call me Phil'. Phil has worked in HR for many years, most recently as the Head of HR, Talent and Resourcing for the Portakabin Group. He is now seeking his next challenge. If you, or someone you know is seeking a strategically minded, highly capable and proven to be effective HR expert, Phil may be your man.

As well as his passion for people, Phil loves music (he has rediscovered his vinyl and has established a hashtag for music lovers #fridaynightmusicroom that is shared on Twitter). He is also a keen fan of Manchester City Football Club. Perhaps the thing that drives Phil most (other than his devotion for his family) is his love of learning.


A voice from the hollow, looking up with hope 

It's been an extraordinary year. Of heights, hearts and hollows. Just a list captures this: Trump, Brexit, Bowie, Team GB, Andy Murray, Children in Need, Syria, ConnectingHR Africa. I will write few other words. You all have your own thoughts.

Credit: @christhebarker
Some of the words I did write though included "Oh no. Starman", "America, what have you done?" and "Let's go, Mo!"

And this stuff has provided an extraordinary swirl of emotions during my 50th year on this swirling blue marble - a tiny dot, on a tiny dot, in the infinite.

I don't know if it has helped with context, or provided blinding light enhancement on my own heights and hollows.

For me, I've completed 50 new tasks or experiences in my 50th year #50x50. Too many to list here (they're on my blog site if you want to read and see them but including volunteering, professional recognition, heavy metal concerts, seafood adventures, reconnecting with my vinyl, driving down Highway One, and delighting in helping my girl smash her 'A levels' and getting her to University. Plenty and plenty and plenty of heights.

But the hollows have been awful. Having a terrible time at work being terrible about the home, losing my job, my status, and close relationships, and seeing the world take a sharp right-hand turn. I feel sick just writing this. A sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. A bad taste in my mouth.

And it's taking some time to come round from the extremes of emotions. But there is always hope. Hope for better. And I've spent more time with those that really really matter. Been there for them, rather than absent. And my heart feels better. My head calmer. My face more smiley.

Job search/interview prep/self employed contemplation - helped by

And as a society, a country, we have to go forward with hope. We can't give in to fear and hate and vitriol. It's hard and it's going to take some time, but our kids are the hope. They are more calm, more reasonable and they will be here when we're gone. So there is hope. And maybe, because we brought them up, just maybe we haven't done such a bad job after all.

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