Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Positive . . . Year Round !!

Day 21 (Wednesday 21st December 2016)

21% increase in electric car sales (year-on-year) in Europe
in the first six months of 2016 91,300 vehicles were sold.
The first electric car was created by Robert Anderson in 1832 — decades 
before Ford came out with the Model T. In fact, electric automobiles were so 
prevalent that Thomas Edison himself worked on a long-lasting car battery in 1899. 
However, they fell out of fashion in the 1920s, when their low horsepower and 
issues with longer distances became a hindrance. They remained popular in New York, 
where they were used as taxis, indeed in the early 1900s there were more 
electric than petrol driven vehicles on the roads in NYC.

We have reached "hump day" - the Christmas weekend is almost here. Today is a perfect day for an uplifting post from a HR superstar from America. Steve Browne is the Executive Director of HR at LaRosa's Inc. the leading pizzeria and Italian restaurant in the Cincinnati area. For many years he has championed the role of HR as a true partner and support for the business. In January 2016, Steve's outstanding attitude, and dedication to HR and the community, was rightly recognised in January 2016 when he was elected to serve as a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)'s Board of Directors.

Steve is outstandingly supportive, energetic, enthusiastic and collaborative. He regularly shares knowledge and connects with people from around the world. He has been described as "a leader for the HR profession' who "shares his expertise generously with others in the field." and "A dynamo. Knowledgeable, extremely so ... but just a little bit "off" centre, in a way that makes grasping the concepts he shares, incorporating the lessons he teaches, and interacting with both people and the world in which we all live and work extremely entertaining and fun." I can vouch for the veracity of the statements and the below post is a good example of his style and attitude. Steve is a delight to interact with, always courteous, passionate about making a difference and he often exemplifies how it is possible to have a wonderful and loving family life, well-balanced with work. He is married to Debbie and, as well as adoring her, is justifiably proud of his son, Josh, and daughter, Melanie. Steve believes that life should be made up of constant heights and hearts with no hollows, and that attitude is key.You can follow Steve on Twitter (his handle is @sbrownehr).


Positive . . . Year Round !!

The holiday season brings on a myriad of emotions. There are those who wish the sense of generosity and welcoming would last much longer than the 30 to 45 days of the season (depending on how long the retailers want us to believe it lasts). I enjoy the holidays, but I don’t lose my mind when I see the first Christmas light or stop motion special on TV (like Rudolph). I do look forward to this time of year because I feel some people “catch up” to how I tend to look at life all year long.

I love that people feel more of a compulsion to be giving of their time and material possessions to others who have a larger need. I see more smiles on faces and there is usually more laughter that comes out with ease at even the slightest hint of something tickling your funny bone. People, in general, seem to be more at ease and connected to each other. This is where I wish I was a “human retailer” so that I could expand this season of positive wishes so that it became our norm rather than something we don during the holidays.

Feast of the Bean King,  oil painting by Jacob Jordeans 1593 -1678
I know that the world is in turmoil. There is war, famine, hostility, economic and political uncertainty and reckless behavior towards others. However, this is not new. If you look back throughout time, we have had similar challenges and threats. The difference now is that we can’t break away from the constant waves of doom and gloom. It penetrates all forms of media and we also have our faces buried in some form of technology that forces our field of vision to look downward. We don’t dare miss some meaningless gossip about people we don’t know or truly care about. But I digress . . .

I think we should be naturally positive year round. It isn’t the norm and people are actually uncomfortable and skeptical around people that choose to be positive.

I remember one HR conference I attended years ago when someone I just met came up to me and said, “I don’t believe it.”

I replied, “Believe what?”

 She said, “You’re really positive all the time. I see your on-line posts and think, ‘He can’t really be like that,’ and yet you are !!”

I laughed and gave her a hug. We actually became close friends. I wasn’t surprise that she couldn’t believe that someone could be genuinely positive on a regular basis. We all go through highs and lows in our lives – including me. However, how you view others and how you view life in general is an intentional choice. I could choose to dwell in the muck and mire that’s out there, and I could even choose to live an empty life just expecting the next disappointment to arrive. I know people who do that, but I don’t accept that that has to be our fate.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’re tempted to be cynical and negative. It’s our first “go to” human reaction to things. I don’t blame you, but I won’t join you. I expect the best in others because I know they have it in them. I look forward to moving past when we disappoint each other, because we will, and we have a chance to grow from it. I also welcome hearing and considering various observations and viewpoints from others to open my eyes to many perspectives. I may not agree with what others say, but that doesn’t take away the fact of how fascinated I am with how they came up with their stance.

We want people to be either “right” (where they concur with us) or “wrong” (where they disagree with us). That’s tiring and defeating. I’d like to propose an alternative that works regardless of who you’re encountering.

See the best in others. All. The. Time.

Lift others up with your encouragement. All. The. Time.

Care for others even when they don’t care for you. All. The. Time.

Smile, laugh and hug others because we all need, and enjoy, that. All. The. Time.

You can experience the joy and heights of the holiday season throughout the year. It’s a magnificent way to experience and live life. I believe in you. Be encouraged that there is someone on this planet who truly does care and wants to see you thrive. All. The. Time.

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