Monday, 12 December 2016

A place in your heart

Day 13 (Tuesday 13th December 2016)

13 days - the amount of time it took in 1962 to defuse the Cuban Missile Crisis.
 Fidel Castro was instrumental in pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war.
(Russian leader 
Khrushchev wanted to install Soviet R-12 MRBM nuclear
missiles on Cuba to even the power balance with America.)

Castro died on 25th November 2016 aged 90.

Have you noticed how many of this year's writers have made observations on society or expressed gratitude for something or someone? The thankful post below is written by the delightful and self-effacing Fiona McBride. I have known Fiona for a number of years, we first met face-to-face when she was just setting up her own business. After graduating from Brighton, Fiona commenced her career in HR and was the People Development specialist at the RNIB before founding her own learning and development consultancy. She is a highly supportive and active member of the HR community, both on social media (her Twitter handle is @fionamcbride) and IRL. She is great at organising events and meet/tweet-ups. She became Vice Chair of the Central London Branch of the CIPD in June of this year.

Fiona is one of the key people at the forefront of Emotion at Work - founded by Phil Willcox. She believes in authenticity and recognising that emotions are a powerful part of what makes us human, both in and outside work. Fiona is married to Mark and they live in west London. Fiona is fun and social - a woman of many talents ranging from baking and cocktail making, to playing a mean game of Scrabble or helping others feel good about themselves and their capabilities.


A place in your heart 

I know my family love me and that they have a special place in their hearts for me. I’ve known that all my life, I feel lucky to have that. However, what I didn't bank on, was meeting pretty much by chance some wonderful people, who I now call friends (some of you are even reading this). These people are generous and caring and I treasure the fact that they, without being related to me, have also given me a place in their heart.

This year has had its ups and downs. Both personal and work related highs and lows.

I've had moments of amazing success and moments of despairing sadness and grief.

There were times when I struggled to keep a place in my own heart for myself.

Do you know what I’ve noticed as I reflect back over this year? Those colleagues and friends who I’ve become closer to in the past twelve months, the place they gave me in their heart has never changed.

I'm still there… taking up that little bit of space… that they gave me. How precious, generous and amazing is that..?

I was trying to work out examples, what does this look and sound like.. but it's so so many things. It’s laughs, trust, working well together, listening and hugs, it's advice and challenge, smiles and more hugs. It's a feeling I get, where I don't feel judged. I feel friendship and cared for and kindness… it feels from the heart.

It provides me with such comfort and warmth, knowing.. knowing that you want me there, that you trust me and believe in me to give me that little bit of space…

If I could ever find a way to express to you how much that means to me I promise you’ll be the first to know. Because there are no words, or at least I don't feel there are enough words to convey that feeling I get from you all.

So for now I’m just left with: Thank you

Thank you for that place in your heart.

“Sometimes the heart knows things the mind could never explain” (Ranjeet)

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