Friday, 19 December 2014

There will always be joy - Day 20

Day 20

20 years since the first smart phone,
the IBM Simon Personal Communicator, went on sale.
It offered a touch screen, address book, calculator, calendar,
fax, filer, email, note pad, sketch pad, time and to do features.
Seen here compared to an iphone.
picture credit Rob Stothard / Getty Images

Today's post is written by my dear friend Michael Carty. Michael is often described, especially by those who know him, as the glue that binds the HR community on Twitter together. He is alert, interested and very well connected. However, he is much more than just glue - Michael is a cherished contact for many and always there to provide support and advice. His Twitter handle is @MJCarty. He writes a delightful blog that illustrates how well read and far reaching his thoughts are. I love the powerful message of hope and anticipation behind his apparently simple words...


You were there then. You are here now. You will be there then.

The path you perceive isn’t the only one that exists.

Path beside a lake, Croatia
The path you are on isn’t the only one available to you. No matter how long you have been on that path, or how far it’s taken you.

There are other paths...
Ewoks fleeing an All Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST) walker on a forest path
Original story board visual by Ralph Mac Querrie for Return of the Jedi, Star Wars film
You always have a choice. You are always free to decide if you can live with the consequences of making that choice.

You can’t be anybody else but yourself. You can’t have any other values than your own. Trust in them.

I think it’s time, as it always is, to let your values guide you through. Being you has got you this far. Being you has got you much further than you would ever have thought.

You can travel further than you think possible
Dr Who's Tardis
Being you will take you to places of which you have just plain no inkling right now. That is nothing of which to be frightened. That is the most exciting adventure of all.

There will always be setbacks. There will always be reasons for tears. There will always be joy.

Unexpected path (inside an aquarium)
A different path

A bright future

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