Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Paths and Perceptions have Shifted

Day 35 (Monday 4th January 2016)
35 U.S.Dollars - the amount Phil Knight paid Caroline Davidson in 1971 for creating the
Nike swoosh logo. In 1983, circa 3 years after the company went public, he invited her to lunch
and gave her a diamond ring engraved with the swoosh
and an envelope filled with an undisclosed amount of Nike stock.
It gives me great pleasure to reintroduce Susannah Wheeler, a photographer and promotions editor. Last year's post was her first ever blog and explained what a tough path she had needed to tread to reach to where she was, you can read it here. What a difference a year makes... I am so pleased to see how things have changed. You can follow Susannah on Twitter (her handle is @EnglishFreckle); she often posts beautiful photographs.


"Comet Tails and Coal Dust" - the title left me wondering where to start – I wanted to contribute after last year’s experience – and then a message with the ‘sailing high’ threw a whole new perspective on the title.  

This time last year I was reflecting on an amazing year, but also reflecting on a number of things where life hadn’t gone the way I’d planned.  This year the comet tails are whizzing and I’m moving at a better, more comfortable pace. There are more of my words in print, and I’m taking more photos than ever before.  The coal dust and darkness is still there sometimes, but it’s there as a reminder of where I’ve come from; to allow me to smile and breathe. Everything doesn’t have to be done today, there’s still time as far as I know, to plan, look forward to and enjoy the anticipation of the next bit.

My little comets are 16 and nearly 13 now, bright shining things who are blazing their own trails – my part of nurturing them is changing.  It’s time for me to take a step back as they move more independently and find their own ways.

Blaze a trail, do your own thing, life’s too short – just a few of the regular things I say to them both.  So much of growing up seems to be learning to conform, fit in, be accepted and be the same as everyone else otherwise they’re considered “weird”.  Fighting and defending your right to be different as a teenager is challenging.  But the 16 year old in particular does it, and I’m really proud of her.  She wants to act, to be on stage and she’s dedicated and focused.  The signs of the feisty two year old are back and it’s an interesting time.

Sometimes it’s tough as a parent, good cop/bad cop, providing a balanced argument, putting suggestions on the table where I can, alternatives where I need to and trying not to say a straight ‘no’ unless I really think I should: and I had to be both,  

until recently and a new addition to our lives means there’s a new dynamic coming into play.

Mutual friends, some decent timing and a bit of luck have put a new comet in my hands – our trail will light up a whole new path together.

Someone else to play the good cop role; someone to challenge why things are like they are.  Challenge with support – that’s a new experience for me and it’s enlightening.

15th century painting of Halley's Comet
The paths and perceptions of last year have shifted again.

This comet is burning bright and this time it’s love.  The dust and darkness is far behind.  What lies ahead is a bright and shiny future.  One that is full of hope and happiness.

Beth Krommes wood engraving Comet over New Hampshire, 1986

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