Monday, 18 January 2016

Comets, Paths & Dust

Day 50 (Tuesday 19th January 2016)
50 points are awarded for hitting the bullseye in darts. It is also the additional score
awarded to a player for using all 7 letters in a single go in Scrabble.
This penultimate, short and sweet (perhaps bitter-sweet for some), and thought-provoking post in the #Adventblog series is by Tim Pointer - the founder and Director of Starboard Thinking. Until last year Tim was a leading Human Resources Director (he left being HR Director for Pentland Brands and founded his own business, to share some of the methods he had developed that worked really well whilst he was in-house). He and I became friends when we realised that we both had faced similar challenges, especially when driving positive change within private companies with strong owner leaders. Tim is a devoted family man (a loving husband and father of 3) and appreciates the challenges of ensuring a work/life balance, especially whilst growing a business. His company works with executive teams on strategic development, with a focus on culture, leadership and  engagement. You can connect with him on Twitter, his handle is @TimPointer.


Comets, Paths & Dust

The effort of movement
In search of atmosphere

Poison Dart Frog carrying tadpoles up into jungle canopy to ensure survival
That age old metaphor
Staring into the void

To burn To age
To bulk To crash

Tripping on coal trails

Coal walking at Spanish festival Paso del Fuego

I am click bait
You are a star

One of us is alive. Right. Now.

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