Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Lock those doors

Lock those doors

Day 1 (Thursday 1st December 2016)

Illustration by Simon Heath

Happy 1st December and welcome to the Advent Blogs series of 2016. The theme this year is Heights, Hearts and Hollows

I have received some wonderful pieces and I know that there are more to come. What soaring heights and terrible hollows some of you have experienced; however your year has been, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you all for sharing your thoughts here.

As in former years, I will be posting one new blog per day, during Advent and into the holiday period/New Year. The daily illustrated numbers are based on topical events of the year (2016) and do not express my particular interests or leanings.

1 American, like him or loathe him, will soon run the USA - 
a real estate magnate, tycoon and former reality TV star and TV producer -  
he achieved the majority of electoral votes 
and is now the President-elect of the U.S.A.
Donald Trump will become the 45th President when he is sworn in on the steps
of the US Capitol at noon on Friday, January 20th 2017.

The Advent Blog series is not a competition, you will not be asked to vote for your favourite. However, we have some striking, thought-provoking and at times touching reads ahead. I hope you enjoy the journey.

We are getting off to a great start. The first post in the series is written by the very talented Mark Catchlove. For the past 18 years Mark has worked for Herman Miller. He is the Director for Knowledge and Insight and spends his days commissioning workplace related research and informing designers. I first encountered Mark on Twitter (you can follow him too - his handle is @markcatchlove). He writes an excellent blog. I am often struck by the fact that he is so clearly principled and values-led.

Mark wrote a beautiful piece for last year's series, encouraging people to shed a bit of light in others' lives, which was very well received. This year, again, he entreats us to do our bit to make the world a better place and it is a fitting start to the 2016 Advent Blogs. Enjoy!


An Advent calendar is a daily acknowledgement of the anticipation of a special event – Christmas.

Christmas, a time of laughter, fun, giving and a family get together. A time of eating copious amounts of food and imbibing rather too much alcohol.

However, for some they desperately want those doors on the advent calendar to stay firmly locked.  They have no anticipation or excitement for Christmas and its jollities. Another day nearer to a time when all the hollows of their life are highlighted more than any other part of the year.

Some will not express their despair and angst outwardly – they will smile, they will dance, they will give and they will receive. Inside, however, their heart is broken into small seemingly irreparable pieces. Shattered by bereavement, bad news, illness, broken relationships or a myriad of other heart breaking episodes.
Broken hearts don’t have to stay broken – but this won’t happen without support and help from someone like you. We all need to develop a heightened sensitivity at this time - seeing what is really going on behind those smiles, and being available to do something about it.

If you’re the one with that broken heart, then please connect with somebody, anybody – using any of the communications tools that we are blessed with today. You don’t have to give all the details unless you think it would help – but that listening ear might be the difference between slowly opening those advent calendar doors and desperately hoping they stay firmly locked.

Have a blessed Christmas

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