Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Pull

Day 37 (Friday 6th January 2017)

37 - the number of years that the singer, song writer, poet, painter, Jew and novice Zen monk,
Leonard Cohen was with the record label, Colombia. 
In 1988, when accepting an award, he
thanked Colombia, saying "I have always been touched by the modesty of their interest in my work."
Leonard was initially a poet, but turned to music as he wanted a better income. He died on 7th November
2016.  He was writing up until the end. His last album, You Want it Darker was released
on his 82nd birthday in October 2016.

Congratulations and welcome to the end of the first week in January. Today is often described as the last day of Christmas - traditionally in my family, midnight tonight is the time by which the decorations have to come down, as tomorrow is Epiphany. However, if you take the 12 Days of Christmas as being literal and the 25th as the first Day, then Christmas should have ended yesterday.

Today's post is a treat - a poem on the theme of emotional care and connection, written by Phil Willcox. Phil is passionate about the power and importance of emotions, having completed a MSc in Emotion, Credibility and Deception. He even ran a conference on Emotion at Work in 2016 and has established a movement, which is gaining in popularity and interest, as people begin to appreciate the impact that emotions have on individuals, business results and interactions within the workplace. He is continuing research into emotions  and their impact and has much science-based information that I am sure he would be glad to share with you.

Phil is the founder and Managing Director of e3 Consultancy Training and Coaching Ltd (e3ctc), a consultancy based in Lincoln, UK, which specialises in training and coaching to enable individuals and organisations to learn and develop. Phil is a regular and supportive voice on Twitter (his handle is @PhilWillcox). 


The Pull

Like a thread right through me, pulling along
Unknown and unseen, yet saying "let’s go"
The places I visit, the people I meet
It is always there, moving my feet

Sometimes pulling back, fighting the move
Scared, unsure and nervous, saying "This? No!"
Doing things that are new, that make me fall
The movement + the blocks, I don't like at all

It still pulls me though, even if it means to crawl
Getting back up, to go again learn more
Looking back at the hollow, I was there, but now
I’m upright again, even if I’m not sure how

On occasion I run, it doesn't feel like a pull
More a fuel, extra juice to keep moving even more
The run and the fuel, helping reach an amazing height,
At times like these, it was worth the fight

I do wonder though, does it pose me a risk?
Caring this much, giving heart and helping all the time
And it does, really does leave me exposed
But I do it again, and I walk down the road

Working with feeling, and loving it so
I can't turn it off, and leave those occasions
Where people need me, or it is the right thing to do,
Come hollow or height, following my heart and seeing it through.

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