Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Advent Invitation

It may feel as though we live in times of constant change:

·      Today the Americans go to the polls to elect a new President – whichever candidate wins they will leave their mark not just on the U.S.A. but on the world as a whole;
·      The UK’s Brexit referendum has already caused a wake of comments and legal, economic and diplomatic reactions, with its on-going ripples being felt around the globe;
·      Sir David Attenborough launched the second of his outstanding insights into Earth’s wildlife and, in the first programme that was broadcast in the UK last Sunday evening, he highlighted the huge impact we as a species have had on our planet even over the decade since the first Life on Earth series was run; and
·      I listened to an inventor earlier this morning describing a small solar powered ear tag that will enable farmers to assess the health of their livestock over a fifty mile radius, while sitting in the warmth at home, they now can, as an example, locate a single sheep (within a scattered flock on a misty hillside) at the moment it goes into labour due to signals indicating a drop in temperature and an increased pulse – technology is changing almost every aspect of how we live.

But, some things do not change – The Advent Blogs Series will be published again this year and I am both delighted an honoured to be the host. However, I cannot do it without your help…

By way of an explanation to those who are new - Traditional Advent calendar windows start being opened from the 1st of December, with a new surprise being revealed daily. The Advent Blog series is the same, in that a new post is published each day. However, despite being called the Advent Blog series, these blogs are not a religious countdown and the series is not limited to just 24 posts. In recent years the contributions have continued well into the New Year, with people contributing posts from around the world and from a mixture of backgrounds and outlooks - you can read a summary of some of last year’s posts here. All authors are welcome. I remain indebted to Alison Chisnell for founding the series back in 2011; it is a credit to her and all the contributors’ enthusiasm that the Advent Blogs have now become a much-loved annual tradition.

Last year’s series, under the heading of “Comet Tails and Coal Dust” was amazing, with people commenting on a range of personal highs and lows, as well as individual family reminiscences and topical observations. This year’s theme is “Heights, Hearts and Hollows”. I hope at least one of these words will resonate with you and inspire you to compose a piece to be included for the pleasure of all who follow and read the series.

So, what is the story that you want to share this year? What dizzy heights have you scaled? 

Whose heart have you touched or what has moved you? 

Have you had to cope with challenges ? 

or felt low?

What are you aiming for next year, what do you want to be different or better?

For me, one of the best things about the Advent Blog series is that people use it as a place to be themselves – open, honest, no sales or spin, just a global group of individuals, from diverse backgrounds, doing something together and for each other. Each contribution is unique – every submission makes its own personal impact, and as a whole they create an extraordinary series.

If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with me via the comments section below, via Twitter or by any means that you can find to track me down. I’d love to hear what you’ve got to say.


  1. Ooh - yes please! Time to start thinking!!

  2. Me too! You know what mine will be about Auntie Mum xx

    1. I am so looking forward to reading your post - thank you :-)

  3. Replies
    1. Brilliant news - welcome to the Advent Blogs Blog Squad :-)

  4. I'd love to write something this year if possible Kate?

    1. That is excellent - a pleasure to have you on board :-)