Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Making connections - Day 20

Thursday 20th December 2018

20 is known as a "score' not for sporting reasons (although a dart board has 20 sectors),
but because in the past when livestock, such as sheep, were being counted it was usual
to score a notch in a piece of wood to record twenty animals before counting the next 20
in the flock or herd. The first citation was in 1100.
It is our company's Christmas Party this evening - it is going to be a great event with an amazing live band brought together by one of our talented employees (who knocked the Beatles off number 1 in the charts back in the 60's). It will be a great evening at which to celebrate all we have achieved over this past year. I am so grateful to so many both in and outside work. Thank you!

Today's post is a charming and uplifting poem by Helen Amery. Helen is a coach who likes to work with leaders unleashing their true potential through their Clarity, Contentment and Connection. She is married and has two much loved children. She (and her business) are based in Leicester in the East Midlands. After obtaining a degree in Chemistry from Edinburgh, Helen commenced training as an accountant with PwC but then realised that she was better suited to HR. She then took a postgraduate diploma in Personnel Management at Nottingham, before joining Boots (initially within employee relations).  Helen succumbed to her entrepreneurial spirit and runs her own successful business Wild Fig Solutions. You can follow Helen on Twitter (her handle is @WildFigSolns) and read her people-centred blogs on her business site.


Heartache it hurts
But it need not be feared
We are all OK
No matter what we feel

Hope is the light
The chinks in the dark
That leads to a rising
Of energy sparks

High fives connect
They remind we are one
Today, tomorrow, always
With ev'ry rising sun

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